Black Swan Problem
a metaphor that describes an event that is a surprise, has a major effect, and after the fact is often inappropriately rationalized with the benefit of hindsight.
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Oh god. Selfcontrolselfcontrolselfcontrolgoddamnit.

What did I do over my weekend?

Got a girlfriend. A really cute and sweet and nice one that I’ve pretty much been pining after since last year. She made me sad this summer but she came to her senses. She likes orchids and cats and weed and me and we have grilled cheese evenings and coffee cuddle mornings.







Heavy…. heavy,


… There’s a very important conversation to be had there.

If this is being brought up shouldn’t we also addressing the age of the politicians in places of power tho?

^^That should be the first conversation to be had. Expiring buckets with an outdated and obsolete way of thinking making critical decisions for the future that they have no longevity in.

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I dont want to get married but if I ever did instead of a ring I’d open up a little box with Bill Murrays face and say “Will you Murray me?”

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